The Challenge for Fresh IT Graduates

Complexity, specialization, transformative innovation, and the sheer pace of change make the IT Field  exciting, fascinating, and difficult. In this environment, attracting, hiring, and retaining the best talent is challenging.

How do  an IT Professional stand out as a high performer in a very crowded field?They need to demonstrate to hiring managers that their skills are valuable and make them a compelling hire. This is especially true when those who are hiring don’t understand IT Professional's’ value or skill level.

The No 01 skill that drives you in the IT field is the real world experience that you are acquiring on the job. How do a fresh IT graduate prove that he has acquired the substantial real world skills that are required for the job that he is applying for ?. The only way is the real world experience in IT and the Internship is the best way to achieve the real world skills.

The IT Talent Crisis

Entering unskilled IT graduates into the field of IT is a massive crisis. It is not only pertaining to Sri Lanka, but a world wide issue. While IT graduates acquire substantial amount of theoretical knowledge from their coursework at the university, the IT industry requires a product specific real world skills in delivering an IT project. This is something impossible to acquire in an academic environment. For example, they may have done a Linux course at the university, but when they come to the field they require hands on experience in Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is the world's most used Enterprise Linux platform.

Cybergate Internship Program

As an IT industry solution provider we ourselves face to the said IT talent crisis.  We decided to provide a solution to the issue by introducing Cybergate IT graduate Internship program. This program is making ready a fresh IT graduates with enough tools and product specific real world skills and it converts an inexperienced IT graduate to a talent which is compelling to hire. At the moment we have focused our program into Systems and Network engineering and we will be extending the program in to other segments of IT in near future.