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The Open Source Model is a technology revolution which is driven by the market demand. It often builds higher quality, more secure, more easily integrated software than the traditional mode, and it does so at vastly accelerated pace often at lower cost.

Why Open Source:

Why Linux

The Open Source software development model has built the biggest software project in the history of mankind. That is none other than Linux Kernel which is also the foundation for the Android OS, the de facto mobile phone operating system of the world today. There are more than billions of mobile devices and millions of Android TV sets which are powered by Android which is Linux. Hence, whether you know or not, you are using Linux, which is an Open Source software, or rather, an Operating System.

Linux kernel has more than 15 millions lines of code which would not have possible without collaborative development by more than 8,000 developers ,and more than 800, companies around the world.

Today, the largest systems and networks in the Internet like, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, etc, are powered by Linux.

Linux, together with the WWW (Internet), none other than any pair of technologies invented by the humans,  have changed the way do  the business, education, and communication in world today.  


Email and Collaboration with Zimbra

So far the biggest application of the Internet which is used by the businesses today is email. It is not just email, it is now collaboration,  among the employees, and customers, by sharing tasks, calendars, address book ,and integration everything into a mobile app are all about collaboration. Beyond this is, it is now marching towards unified communications by integrating email with vice and other communication platform like VoIP, web conferencing etc.

We have no problem of selecting  Zimbra as our Email and Collaboration platform as More than 500 Million People Trust Zimbra Email Collaboration. Zimbra Collaboration fits in all Markets: small, medium and enterprise customers.

Cybergate has deployed some of the largest implementation of  Zimbra solutions in the country, covering the major sectors like defense, finance, media, and other large business conglomerate.

Cybergate is always inspired by the Open Source Revolution and fully understand the value that is added to the business by the Open Source Technologies. We are already a Red Hat Certified Training Partner where we contribute to resolve human talent crisis for Open Source skills in the industry. We haven’t limit our reach only for the training industry. In parallel we provide industry leading open source support contracts and solutions for your business.  While there are hundreds of thousands of open sources technologies around us we have selected the most sought after solutions by any business today.

Cybergate and Open Source