Email: Hotline: +94-766-783-783, Head Office: 59,  Sri  Soratha  Mawatha, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, 10250, Sri Lanka

Red Hat Academy: 102/3, University Road, Rattanapitiiya, Boralasgamuwa, Sri Lanka.

Online Exam Kiosk: 31/3/1, Level 4,  Stanley Thilakarathene Mawatha,  Nugegoda. Sri Lanka.

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As a Red Hat business partner, Cybergate provides integration , deployment, automation and support services for entire opensource technology stack that Red Hat offers. We have a world class technical expert team who have built their skills around Linux, Virtualization, Cloud, Storage, Middle ware and DevOps which are currently, offered by RedHat.


We also have a complete stack of solutions for all of your Big Data Analytic needs. We offer Hadoop BigData Platform deployment and administration services which is the foundation for your BigData analytics platform.